9 Benefits of using Laravel in Web Application Development

Laravel is the most popular framework of PHP and is used to build scalable and large Web Application Development. Using Laravel reducing development time and maintains coding standard. CoderAdobe is one of the best and most affordable laravel development company location in Ahmedabad, India

1. Template Engine

Laravel using Mustache template engine that is powerful and provides great functionality for manipulation of data inside the view without disturbing business login

2. Command-line Interface (CLI )

With the using of Artisan CLI we can build model, controller and generate views in few seconds.

3. Maximum Security

The directory structure and CORS provides maximum security to the application build using laravel. As per current structure, the Only index.php is valuable to the outside world and rest of the folders and files are stored below one level directory of index files making them unavailable to a user visit the web.

4. Restful API

While developing web application software you do need to build api separately. Laravel provides de facto API using API URL. Just a few lines of code and RESTful API is ready to be consumed.

5. MVC

Module view controller based patter helps to keep logic and presentation layer separately. Your frontend developer can do the coding without touching the logic of your web application.

6. Modules

There are thousands of modules available from the community and can be easily installed and configured using composer. The modules developed by community take care of the coding standard used in laravel core development.

7. ORM

Eloquent ORM makes database simple to use by converting it into object base filed.

8. Versioning in database

Laravel maintain versioning in database and tables using migration. With the help of migration, you can reset, create, add records in the table using cli migration command.

All of the above features help to reduce delivery time web application development. You can hire laravel developer from coderAdobe for your laravel project outsourcing need.


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