Attendance Management system for construction company

Convenience and simplicity is the key

Track time spent on site with a simple contact between an NFC transponder, such as a key ring, and a smartphone. Issue the foreman with a smartphone and the working unit with their individual key rings. This gives you full time tracking potential with limited costs. Arrival, departure and break times are all easily tracked.

A quick solution in a busy environment

If attendance is the main concern, the foreman or site overseer can check multiple employees during a roll call, conveniently logging their presence from the one device.

Who, where, when…

Manage employees across multiple construction sites. Simply track time on a specific site to capture all the statistical data you need for invoicing clients, processing payroll payments etc.

Keep an overview without leaving your desk

All data can be conveniently viewed from the comfort of your office. Thanks to live time tracking, you know that all the data you see is up-to-date and reliable. Your employees in the office can also record their working hours in the one system too.


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