Attendance Management system for Small Business Units

Time is Worth Tracking

Accurately tracking time each day empowers small businesses to make better use of this valuable commodity. Simply by recognising areas lacking in efficiency, lost time is regained and feeds into profits.

Devices such as those that monitor work time accurately reducing the liability of not paying employees in full. This creates employee dissatisfaction.

Continuing to use paper timesheets is not a good business practice. Time and attendance systems for small businesses can help to save time and resources. Issues like buddy punching and other forms of time theft become easier to avoid.

A large number of clerical errors are directly caused by paper tracking systems. Problems are not readily visible until there is a lawsuit or federal penalty. However, time and attendance software safely archives employee data. Information is easily accessible if a dispute arises.


Time and Attendance Systems are Fast and Efficient

Speed and efficiency that comes with time and attendance systems for small businesses go directly to the bottom line. Companies that have a mobile workforce can appreciate the convenience these systems provide.

Using a mobile app, employees can clock in and out on their smartphones. Wherever they are the time tracking system goes with them. Data is immediately transmitted to the payroll system, removing another chance for human error.

Older systems had a lag time for calculating payroll. Typically, this would lead to delays in determining job costs and hours worked. This could be detrimental to small businesses. With so many changes in state and federal regulations, having up-to-date numbers on hours is critical to staying in compliance.


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