Career as Front End Developer for Fresher

Now a days many students passing B.Tech, MCA and Technical courses opt for Frontend Developer as a career.  Many students tell that they are not good in logic so do not want to go in programmer.

Before deciding to choose Frontend developer as a Career they should first decide whether they want to become good frontend developer and get offers from big companies.

To get job offers from big companies as a frontend developer you have to become skillfull in technologies that make frontend developer.  Companies looking for good frontend developer expect candidate to have good technical skills.  Below are the skillset reqired to become frontend developer.  Some are must and some are good to have:


You posses very strong knowledge of HTML and HTML5.  Companies do not expect you to know canvas but you should know HTML5 tags and its usage, like section, footer, article etc


Very strong knowledge of CSS 3 is required along with Bootstrap 3 and above. You are expected to fix browser related issues, making design responsive so that website looks good on all device.

Javascript / Jquery:

Average knowledge of Jquery is required.  It’s expected that you should be able fix small bugs, create slider, small animation like pop up model box etc.

The above technologies will help you get a job, but get high paying job you have to know the below technologies too.  They are not must but good to have:

Angular JS 2:

Angular JS is in good demand, latest version is 6, but if you know angular 2 then you will be able to work on angular 6 too.


Now a days lots of functionality are build using JS and npm is using to manage library and compile the code.


This is must if you are working alongwith the team and directly working on fixing issues in web based application development or website.


Many a times client directly work with frontend developer so having a good soft skills is nice to have.


It’s used to build single page application and is quit popular and fast going technology that for frontend development.

CSS Animation:

If you are able to add small animation using CSS and JSS you will land in a good paying job.


Good attitude, likeness to lean new technology and love towards work will help you keep growing.

This article is written by Brijesh.  Brijesh has being working on IT development since last 15 years and is technical head at .

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