Top 7 wordpress plugins Must Have for your website in 2018

According to one report, 30% website build uses WordPress for managing its content. So WordPress is Defacto framework for managing website content. Plugins are a vital component in WordPress and are used for managing and added features on the website. Overuse of plugins kills website by making is very slow with lots of javascript breaking the code.

The below-given plugins are must for your WordPress website.

1. Yoast

Yoast is used to managing title, meta description, and keywords of your website. From SEO perspective every page should have relevant content. Yoast makes it easy to manage SEO of your website.

2. Contact form 7

Simple and powerful contact form. This is a must have a plugin for any website built using WordPress. Using contact form 7 you can build contact form, newsletter form, subscription form very easily.

3. Slider

Slider adds flavor to your website and makes it look dynamic. It also helps to showcase your projects or services at a single and specific position which helps your visitor to know about your product and services without navigating a lot of pages.

4. Testimonial

Trust on the website makes the user feel safe and secure. The testimonial is one of the best ways to make your website trustworthy.

5. CPT (optional)

Custom post type UI is the best tool when you have more than one type of product. E.g. If you have posts and classifieds. For a normal website that has product listing, pages, and contact form you should not use this plugin.

6. Advanced Custom Fields (optional)

ACF is used when you want to so product specification or wants user interactivity on the frontend. If you simply want to show few specifications on the frontend use build in WordPress custom field.

7. WooCommerce (Optional)

If you are selling online woo commerce is a must have plugin.

About Author:

Brijesh is WordPress developer and author of 6 plugins that have more than 1000+ downloads.  He is coding for last 12 years and works for CoderAdobe and builds website for Company using WordPress.  He also provides Drupal Development Services to small and medium-sized companies.

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