CoderAdobe is website design company that excels in creating modern and responsive website designs.  We have being providing website design services since last 4 years and have being working with digital Agency and direct client and bring concept to the real world.

E-commerce website design

There are various objectives of website and is designed accordingly.  When creating a mockup design for e-commerce based website we have to keep in mind that the object of website is to sell.  The design should have rich user experience so that user can purchase product without any hassle.

Website Design for Companies

The design has to be unique to display the Brand, prominence and power of the companies.  The website should reflect the qualities, value and the culture of the company.

Website design for Professionals

The way website is designed for professionals like CA, Lawyers, Doctor and Engineers has to be simple, modern, with minimum colors and should display the professionalism of individual.

Personal website design

The design of a website for individual person or small business should reflect their services in elegant manner giving the message of quality delivered by the individuals and the benefit offered to user in compared to big corporate.

Mobile application design

Design of mobile application has to be done keeping in mind the user experience.  The icons and text should be sharp so that user can easily see it at various pixels.

Landing Page Design

The objective of Landing page is to convert user.  Website owner spends money on marketing to bring user on landing page so the page should meet the object of marketing and communication.  It has to be simple, communication the message to user and asking user to take action.  The landing page should have minimum distractions so that user can stay on the page and complete the action.

WordPress website design

Website design for WordPress is totally different.  While designing website for WordPress I keep in mind the coding structure of WordPress as the website design created has to be converted into theme that can be used in WordPress easily.


Website Design Process

The website design process is same for each category.  The below given steps are followed by coderadobe and is industry standard for website design.

1. Client Brief

Client provides brief of their requirement in simple word document mentioned their requirement of website.  Many times client provide their logo and reference websites and ask as to come up with our own concept.

2. Website Design Mockup

This is the actual design that brings concept to life where client can see how his actual product will look like.  The mock-up design is created in Photoshop considering the client brief, User experience and User Interface.

3. PSD To HTML service

Once the mock-up design is completed next step is to create HTML of the design.

4. Responsive Website Design

Once HTML design is ready the website has to be made responsive so that users visiting the website on mobile device can easily navigate to in the website and can interact with the website from their mobile device.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Website Designing:

How much is website design pricing ?

The cost of website design depends on various factors like homepage design, inner page design, landing page design, e-commerce page design.  So determining the cost of website design pricing in very difficult and can only be given based on client requirement.

What is website design and development ?

As per the industry the website design is creating the mock-up from the brief or reference given by client.  The website design is created using photoshop software and the design is given to client in jpg or psd format for review.  The development part is converting the jpg or psd to HTML that can be visible on the browser.

Making website responsive for mobile devices is also a part of development.

What does include in website design services ?

Website design services includes creating website mock-up of home page and inner pages in photoshop.  The deliverable is image of website in .jpg or .psd format.

What is Homepage design ?

Homepage of a website is the main page that provides overview of business or individual.  Website has many pages and pages give specific information to user in text and visual format.  Generally the pages on a website are product pages, services, about us, contact us, blog etc.

How to calculate website design cost ?

There are two benchmark to calculate the cost and price of website design.  One is fix cost and another is cost per hour.  Cost per hour is the time spend on the design by a designer to create the design multiplied by the amount agreed by client.

Can I use website design templates for website development ?

The answer for this is yes and no.  Yes when you have no money to spend on website design cost.  No don’t use website templates if you can spend money on design.  Problem with templates is they don’t flow with the business, a minor changes might make the design look very bad and unprofessional.  Second the template is used by many for creating their website and you become one of them.  Many time site look replica.  You can use template if you are a blogger or writer because such website solely depends on the content and users ignore the design of the page.


About Brijesh:

Brijesh is Sr front-end developer and have being working on website design and development since last 10 years and also work on mobile application design. Current he is working with CoderAdobe, CoderAdobe is among top web development companies in India and have worked with for worked for website design for small business and large companies.


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