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Migration of your existing website to WordPress CMS sounds simple, but if not done properly can affect your website and it’s ranking on search engines.  We have been working on Website Migration to WordPress CMS since last 5 years and have converted more than 150+ websites to WordPress CMS.

While working we have created procedure and strategy that works and the task gets completed in less time.

When switching hosting companies, we recommend that you keep your old website for at least a week. After that, you can delete files from your old web host. If you are cancelling your account, then your web hosting provider will delete all your data according to their policy.

What difference makes our services make? Our skillful and qualified WordPress developers ensure that your website operates effectively and it is updated with the latest technology and trends that are prevailing in the present IT market. With the existence of our expert developers, help, you need not have to worry anymore. With our services, you can add a great level of usability, interactivity, and functionality to your website.

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    Benefits of migrating website to WordPress CMS

    There is a variety  of benefit of using WordPress and one of the most important is the large numbers of plugin support.  Features can be added using plugins without breaking the website.

    • Manage Content easily
    • Manage images on the website
    • Website maintenance
    • Easily add or remove features
    • More security


    Tips of Migration

    • Step 1: Choose Your New WordPress Host
    • Step 2: Set Up Duplicator for Easy Migration
    • Step 3: Import Your WordPress Site to Your New Host
    • Step 4: Change The Hosts File to Prevent Downtime
    • Step 5: Creating MySQL Database on Your New Host
    • Step 6: Begin the Duplicator Migration Process
    • Step 7: Update Your Domain


    Still we can find there are so many static HTML websites needs to upgrade into WordPress theme. These types of websites are not upgraded because of the site owners may don’t want to change their content or they want to keep their site simple. you need to create a folder and write a proper name. You can keep this folder anywhere where you would like to keep and access easily. Now, we need to add some basic php code to display content to visitors. So, adding the below code to your new index.php file is your last step.



    • Skilled PHP developers
    • Use of the latest tools and technologies
    • Regular reporting and project updates
    • Expertise in Website & Web App
    • Development
    • Responsive Web UI/UX Design
    • Fast turnaround time
    • Cost effective solutions

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    Marcos Paulino, Owner Avanza Business Solutions Inc, CA

    Coder Adobe is one of the best company I will recommend to all for Laravel Development. They have amazing staff and very well trained staff.

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