Until then I only read about IOT and its impact in news but now I am seeing a guy sitting right next to me got a great opportunity in this emerging field. And this changed his life and if utilized well, this can change the lives of many common people.

Internet of Things (IoT) finds its application in industries that prefers automation, energy efficient systems, smart devices etc. Even reports state that more than 50 Billion devices will be connected with IoT by 2020. But learning IoT is not very simple, as the system works on complex procedures and modules. The best way to learn IoT is by building projects and learning while doing it. As it is not been included in your curriculum you should probably look for training programs/ courses that you can take up to learn this amazing technology.

Based on your needs, you can start building some simple IoT projects that set a right platform for you to learn and get skilled. So in this blog I’m mentioning some of the IoT project topics and the components required to build them, so you can make use and build exciting IoT projects.

Internet of Things (IoT) is an upcoming technology which is going to revolutionize all the electronic gadgets that we see today in the coming years. This particular project is an application of Internet of Things (IoT) Technology. The main theme of this project is to develop a device that can monitor the moisture content of the soil and turn on the water pump automatically whenever the moisture drops below a threshold value. This device can also be programmed to send the user an update via email regard to the moisture level changes from a remote location.

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    • 1. Weather Monitoring System using IoT.
    • 2. Smart Irrigation System using IoT.
    • 3. Automated Street Lighting System Project.
    • 4. Smart Building using PIR & IoT Project.
    • 5. Smart Water Metering using IoT project.
    • 6. IoT using Raspberry Pi.
    • 7. Automatic Plant Watering System using IoT.

    To build this Automated Street Light Project you will need 4 major components,

    1. LDR Sensor – It will detect the changes in the sunlight intensity and send the data to the Arduino for interpretation
    2. Arduino Uno – It will act as the brain of the system and processes the data from the sensor & facilitates the Switching ON/OFF of the street light
    3. Relay Drivers – It will be used to convert the voltage that can be used to operate the street lights
    4. ESP 8266 WiFi Module – This will be used to integrate the system onto cloud and facilitates storage & analysis of data collected

    The objective of this project is to build an IoT device that can initiate the watering of the plant system automatically whenever the moisture content in the pot drops below a threshold value. This type of system can be implemented on projects like green building concepts, roof farming, etc. The device will also be connected to the internet so that the user can get the updates about the change in moisture level as an update.

    SenseQ is IoT Systems, Inc.’s industry-leading gateway and logic engine for our Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions. SenseQ incorporates SensorThings, an open source API for Internet of Things controls, with the MQTT open standard for IoT device communication, the latest standards in public key cryptography, and AWS IoT tools to provide the most robust solutions for IIoT applications that integrate seamlessly with their cloud processing services.

    CoderAdobe provides enterprise grade security for your IoT devices and data and is available with flexible deployment options. A hosted Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and as a privately hosted installation on a cloud vendor of your choice.


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