CoderAdobe is one of the best and most affordable IT outsourcing company providing business solutions to clients since last 10 years. We have various and flexible models where you can hire dedicated developer from and this is tailor made as per your requirement.  IT industry is fast phase changing domain and technology plays a vital role in success of any business.  We keep our team trained, updated and help them to do smart work to help our client keep ahead of the competitors.

Benefits Of Hire Dedicated Developer:

Getting good programmer is the pivotal step in any business organisation as almost 90% work is related to development.  With evolving and changing IT trends it difficult to get a developer that is upto industry standards.  And the benchmark is different domain wise.

This is where IT outsourcing company is handy.  We work on several domains and keep shuffling the programmers to gain domain knowledge to keep building their expertise.  With experience comes smart work where programmers learn to code that is unbreakable, bug free and less completion time.


  • Smart and Efficient developer
  • Less cost
  • Flexibility in release when work gets completed
  • Quick replacement
  • Support of Senior developers
  • Support of Management Team
  • Quick Inquiry

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      Ionic Development Company

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    Working Models

    In hire dedicated developer model, the developer work for you only, it’s like an employee working in your organisation and the only difference is that the developer is working remotely.  You manage, assign work, take task update and control the developer directly.

    Hiring shared resource comes in handy you need bug fixing and maintenance work from your website or mobile application.  Bug fixing and maintenance work do not need a fully time web developer.  Shared resource model is the best fit for such work.

    Fixed Cost
    Fix cost model is best fit for feature development services.  When you have a website or mobile application and you need to add some extra features to the current functionality then fixed cost model is the best option to go with.

    Hire Dedicated Resource From Coder Adobe In Easy Steps

    This is the first step when client inquires about the services.  In this phase client send us complete requirement explaining what need to be done and what are his requirements.  In case if client is not clear we help client in analyzing the requirement in detail.

    We evaluate the clients requirement with the team.  During this phase we do intraction with client to make sure that the project understanding with all the stakeholders is same.  We also decide the technology that will be used to complete the project.

    Once project requirement is done and all technology decide the client gives us official go ahead on the project.  This is the time when client select us to work on the project.  During the selection phase we decide what will be the deliverable along with the time estimates.

    Initial payment is done by the client and work gets started.  Initial payment is must and required to make sure all the stakeholders are serious with the project.

    Managing project is very important phase and is an ongoing activity where weekly task is assigned to the team and reporting is given to client once a week.  We also contact two hour face to face meeting with the client using Skype to keep track on the project.

    Our Other Hire Developers Services

    • Hire WordPress Developer

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    • Hire Ionic Developer


    • Skilled PHP developers
    • Use of the latest tools and technologies
    • Regular reporting and project updates
    • Expertise in Website & Web App
    • Development
    • Responsive Web UI/UX Design
    • Fast turnaround time
    • Cost effective solutions

    Client Say

    Marcos Paulino, Owner Avanza Business Solutions Inc, CA

    Coder Adobe is one of the best company I will recommend to all for Laravel Development. They have amazing staff and very well trained staff.

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